I am an architect and artist. As an architect I specialise in environmental design and focus on creating spaces that make people feel good. As an artist, I draw and paint spaces and moments that reflect this kind of feeling - often a combination of nature and architecture. 

In addition to regular paintings and drawings, I also work on commissions. These are usually pieces based on someone’s "happy place" - be it a house, the view from a window or a memorable spot visited during holidays. I work with the intent to help bring these memories back and make them last longer.  Hopefully,  every time a person looks at one of my pieces, they feel the good, happy vibes over and over again - no matter what’s happening in their lives at the moment. 



2020 Lockdown Art Show, The OSO Arts Centre, Barnes, London

2020 Riverside Art Gallery, London

2019 Barnes Art Fair, London

2018 The Other Art Fair, London

2018 Barnes Art Trail, London